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Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

Whether you're a car camper, bushcrafter, thru-hiker or any other breed of outdoorsman, we all know the importance of planning our adventures. Making a detailed plan and leaving it, along with emergency contacts and other pertinent information with loved ones is a key to staying safe when you go out into the bush, and helping those left behind to not worry.

The trouble is, traditionally putting all this information together in one place is a tedious and painful process. At TrailVisir we understand that struggle and are working hard to make it a thing of the past by putting tools into your hands to manage all the important steps of all your backcountry adventures.


Gear Items

Enter in all of your gear, and optionally enter various metadata details about them, add photos, and tag them into groups to easily organize them.


Plan every detail of your backcountry trips, and even attach relevant documents.


Create detailed itineraries, explaining each step of the way. Include address or coordinates to map out your path, leave contact info for the local authorities, and set check-in deadlines for safety.

Packing Lists

Never forget an important gear item at home again, with easy packing lists for each trip. When you're getting ready to go, check off each item as you load it in and you can be sure you've got everything with you.


Give loved ones access to your trip plans, and add contact information for local authorities and emergency services for the areas you'll be in, just in case.

Emergency Info

If anything should happen to you, your In-Case-of-Emergency profile will help rescuers to know any important medical information about you, and your Contacts list lets them know who to get in touch with.


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